35: A Year in Pictures

Looking back on a photogenic year

I was reflecting on the end of my 35th trip around the sun last night, feeling quite discouraged and wondering what I had to show for the previous year (aware of what a first-world ass this makes me sound like, but I’m old now and this is my website). Then I opened Lightroom and started looking through the photos I’ve taken in the last 12 months. It’s a lot.

September 2016 – Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
October 2016 – Glacier National Park, Montana

This was my year of photography. I bought a new camera and started taking pictures again. Because it’s something I love to do. I follow all types of wonderful photographers on Instagram (landscape/portrait/street/…) and they almost always stick to their specialty. Some even have separate accounts to post other types of photos. That’s fine, especially for those that make their living on photos, but my feed is me. It’s my life in pictures.

November 2016 – Ingalls Rink, Yale University, Connecticut

These pictures are what’s important to me. They capture something my brain can’t (and potentially have a longer shelf life).

December 2016 – Lynde Point, Connecticut

The drive to work this morning was full of devastating stories of people who lost everything in the hurricane. It’s heartbreaking to hear someone describe what they’ve lost, but it made me wonder what I had to lose that can’t be replaced. There isn’t much. My mom always kept the photo albums by the door so she could save them quickly from a fire. Mine are backed up in triplicate on servers across the country.

January 2017 – Amtrak Old Saybrook – Old Lyme Bridge, Connecticut
February 2017 – World Trade Center Memorial
March 2017 – Tromsø, Norway

These are my memories. No, there aren’t many portraits (not that I share anyway), but I can describe in detail what was going on behind the lens, who I was with, and what I was feeling when I pressed the shutter button. And they’re not always good memories, but I guess that makes for better pictures.

April 2017 – Manhattan
May 2017 – Grace Farms, Connecticut
June 2017 – Beach Pond, Connecticut
July 2017 – Clearwater Pond, Maine
August 2017 – Keb’ Mo’ in Central Park

I hope I can keep this up, because if I can, 36 won’t be so bad.