New York, New York

“Couldn’t stay away, could you?”

Cruising up the East River with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in the rear view.

I didn’t even make it 2 full weeks before heading up in a helicopter again. Unfortunately the weather soured a bit on this flight, but I still got to see some of my favorites from a whole new perspective.

Favorites like the Chrysler Building. Although William Van Alen’s Art Deco masterpiece was the world’s tallest building for only 11 months, it will always represent New York no matter how many behemoths loom over it. <3

The Flat Iron Building. Even more glorious from the air. Daniel Burnham got this 22 story beauty built 114 years ago. And fast. Because it was pre-cut, the steel frame went up at a rate of 1 floor per week. In 1902!

Midtown and Central Park in the distance.

You have to see Central Park from the air to appreciate the size. Or I guess from the new 432 Park Ave building (top left). Seriously, where did that thing come from?

You can just barely see Grand Central Terminal in this one

The Empire State Building. Eh, I’m warming to it a little now, but the first building to pass Chrysler in height doesn’t measure up.

New stuff. It’s shiny.

Hey, there’s Lady Liberty down there.

Finally, Ellis Island. 12 million people came through this tiny island carrying everything they valued with them. Those people built all of this: Manhattan, New York, flying machines, safety harnesses, a country.

Turns out my great-grandfather was one of those 12 million. I wonder what Sigismund saw when he looked at that skyline.

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